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The Integrated Change Systen – A Unique Approach To Treating Anxiety, Fear And Phobias. 

The Integrated Change System Will Help You If:

You have tried traditional therapies, but nothing has worked for you

You feel like you have exhausted just about every avenue and are still no closer to freedom

You want to be free from your fear, anxiety or phobia quickly

You are looking for a modern, theraputic approach to ‘curing’ your problem

Keep reading to find out how the Integrated Change System will help you.


Find out more about how the Integrated Change System can help YOU with a personal, one to one call

7 Steps To Total Freedom


Action Step 1 Relax the Conscious Mind and Body

Action Step 2: Get Precision on the issue

Action Step 3: Find the Benefit Behind your Phobia

Action Step 4: Uncover the Strategy of your Phobia

Action Step 5: Transforming the Past

Action Step 6: Change your Stimulus-Response

Action Step 7: Designing Your Fear-Free Future

 Helping You To Be Free From Your Fear, Anxiety And Phobia.

What Is The System?

The aim of the Integrated Change System is for you to no longer have the symptoms of your fear or phpbia at all.

It’s not about coping or having to put all your energy into just “getting by”, but rather permanently changingyour emotional response so that when you see the thing you used to fear, you no longer experience a reaction.

The Integrated Change System incorporates aspects of many of the methods used in traditional therapies,Including: Psychotherapy, CBT, Mindfulness/Meditation, Eye movement protocols such as (Emdr, Brain spotting & Havening), TA, Act, Timeline tools, Tapping (such as EFT,TFT), and many schools of NLP & Hypnotherapy.

It creates a powerful unique therapy that creates change at a deep, permanent, subconscious level. It creates results, where clients have not had any previously, even when using one of the mentioned therapies, as a stand alone treatment.

The results that I get (and the feedback that I get), with my clients speaks for itself. You can read some of that feedback here.

Why I Created The System

Over the years, I’ve been certified to the highest levels in many of them—even to the point of being able to train and certify others myself—which provided me with an opportunity to observe many practitioners, and what I noticed is that they typically make two mistakes.

Firstly, they try to tackle the issue without understanding it. For example, if a client says they have a fear of flying they focus solely on that without addressing underlying issues.

Secondly, practitioners often fail to understand that a phobia is trying to meet a subconscious need—albeit a destructive or illogical one. It’s a little like having an ugly beam in your brand-new house that blocks your view. You could go ahead and tear it down, but what if it turns out it’s doing a useful job like supporting the floor above?

Our subconscious mind creates (and holds onto) a fear or phobia as a way to protect us.

If a practitioner removes the phobia without ensuring the underlying need is met, the mind will try to find some other way to fulfil that need – a bit like someone who quits smoking but ends up overeating instead because the tobacco was really a way to meet an emotional need.

Cure Your Fear Or Phobia With Christopher Paul Jones

Christopher Paul Jones
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Expert Reveals How To Cure Your Fear Of Spiders In Just Three Steps.

We spoke to ‘The Breakthrough Expert’ Christopher Paul Jones to find out how to overcome your biggest fears.

Christopher Paul Jones is a Phobia Specialist whose work is featured regularly on international TV, radio, and in the press, including the BBC, CBC, Hello, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and national newspapers.

Christopher’s clients come from all over the world to see him in his consulting rooms on London’s world-renowned Harley Street, and he counts Hollywood actors, Oscar nominees, models, musicians, presenters, and celebrities among them.

Take the first step today!

To book a complimentary appointment with me, where we can chat about what is going on for you and I can let you know how I can help you, simply book your appointment using the booking form and I will contact you to confirm it.

What happens during a call?

You get to talk to me about what you would like my help with. Sometimes, just getting clarity on what really is going on can help you know what to do next in order to change the situation.

I will listen in confidence, and assess how I can best help you. If we then decide to work together, we can schedule your session with me.

There is no obligation to book a session with me, this complimentary call helps you gain clarity and enables us to see if there is a fit if we go on to work together.


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