Fear and Phobia

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Fears and phobias have been removed in an amazingly short space of time using Christophers ICS approach to treatment.

It’s worth asking yourself:

  • Does your fear or phobia rule your life?
  • Do you feel stuck? Are you lacking the freedom to do what you want because your fear or phobia gets in the way?
  • Do you have the quality of life you deserve?
  • Are you telling family and friends that its not ‘that big a deal’ when the fear is crippling?

First start by understanding that ALL fear has a trigger point, sometimes called a point of creation. A link has been created in your brain, which has led you to train your mind to react with fear. It’s something you might not even be aware of, something as trivial as watching a TV show, observing your parents reaction to a fear, or something more significant such a experiencing a scary event yourself.

A common misunderstanding in mainstream circles is that exposure to your fear is the way to get over it. The main problem with re-living any experience is that if you don’t do anything to change the response to the trigger, the problem can actually be made worse, not better.

This often leads to traditional treatments being long winded, ineffective and more of a temporary solution. A band-aid rather than a cure.

If you’ve arrived at this page to find a permanent solution to your ongoing fear or phobia, then Christopher provides a service that is focused on RESULTS.

Whatever the trigger point of your fear or phobia, Christopher’s unique expertise and experience in this area will identify and remove the negative association created by your mind.


Working With Christopher

The best way to beat your fear or phobia is face to face with Christopher in his consulting rooms on London’s world-renowned Harley Street. For clients outside the UK that is not always practical (although clients have flown to the UK to work to see Christopher!).

If you prefer to work by phone or Skype, let Christopher know during your free 30-minute consultation session.

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