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Many people believe (quite wrongly) that their fear of flying is a permanent condition that can’t be helped OR they believe it takes a long time to change.

It’s worth asking yourself:

  • Where will you be taking your next holiday? Clacton or the Caribbean?
  • Are you losing career and income opportunities because your life is grounded?
  • Do you spend countless hours taking detours in life just to avoid airports?
  • What adventure would you love to experience if you no longer had a fear of flying?

A common myth is that re-living your flying phobia is the only way to get rid of it. Christopher proves this is simply NOT true.

Christopher’s work with flying phobias has given him acclaim around the world. His ability to be able to rapidly and effectively take a client from an extreme flying phobia, to them booking their next overseas trip with passion and excitement, can be achieved in as little as one breakthrough session.

Another common myth is that a flying phobia is one single isolated phobia. As proven by many of Christopher’s clients, a fear of heights, fear of confined spaces (claustrophobia), fear of loss of control are just some examples of contributing causes.

Whatever the symptoms or causes of your flying phobia, Christopher’s unique expertise and experience in this area will target the existing negative patterns, ridding you of this problem!


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