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In order for your breakthrough to be a success, it’s important that you and Christopher are the right fit. Keeping that in mind, Christopher’s unique approach is sometimes not suitable for everyone.  The best way to determine your compatibility for working together is an introductory consultation to set the scene for your future breakthrough. Christopher will give you 30 minutes of his time in order to determine the best route to resolving your problem. During this mini-consultation (online video call or over the phone), Christopher will discuss his system for resolving your issue and determine if his way of working is the right next step for you. As part of the consultation you will receive:

  • Christopher’s undivided attention, focused on your issue, for 30 minutes.  Even if you choose not to continue, you’ll have the peace of mind and confidence of knowing that you got expert advice.
  • A tailor made treatment plan for your issue, including cost.
  • Christopher’s insight and suggestions on what steps to take towards your goal.

Your consultation with Christopher is obligation free.  There is no requirement to hire Christopher.  He  may decide in the consultation that working together is not a suitable fit.

You are a good fit for Christopher if:

  • You know that NOW is the right time to make a change
  • You are open to trying new ways of thinking and adopting unconventional (yet effective) techniques
  • You understand that working with Christopher is a collaborative process that may include self work on your behalf
  • You are prepared to invest in a highly skilled expert


You may be better served by another practitioner if:

  • You believe that it is solely Christopher’s role to change you and you don’t need to participate in the process
  • Your aim is to find the cheapest solution for your problem. Christopher’s price structure is based on the results he delivers.

Christopher understands that not everyone has the money to invest at this level.  There are various low cost/no cost resources on this website that may serve your financial constraints better.

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”  –  Napoleon Hill 

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