Are you sick and tired of living your life with Fear, Anxiety and Stress?

What if, you could solve the problems that are holding you back…
Quickly, effectively with long lasting results?

I know what it’s like to let your fears and anxieties hold you back. For years I let mine stop me advancing in my career, they even got in the way of my personal life.

And like you, my clients have also experienced this dilemma, some for many years.

What impact is fear and anxiety having on your life?  What does it hold you back from being, doing or experiencing?

Are you wishing for long holidays abroad with your family? If only it didn’t mean having to get on a plane because the fear and panic is too much?  Are you self medicating on a double gin and tonic followed by sleeping pills just to get through the anxiety of flying, only to arrive at your destination feeling worse for wear?

Or perhaps you go through the routine of Sunday night dread because the thought of going to work on Monday morning is worse then a visit to the dentist.  Maybe the stress of your home situation has you making excuses to work late.

Have simple tasks such as grocery shopping or a short trip to the shops become a problem?

Are you likely to curl up in the foetal position when asked to present to an audience?

Have you decided that stress and anxiety is just something you live with?

My name is Christopher Paul Jones, also known as The Breakthrough Expert. Whatever your particular phobia, fear or anxiety might be, as a Harley Street therapist, i’ve developed the Integrated Change System™ to combat any combination of challenges you might have.

Regardless of the depth of the problem, this site is filled with resources to get you on the fast track to the best solution for you.  There is something here for everybody, and most importantly there is hope.  However overwhelming your problems may seem right now, there is a solution!

If you’ve arrived at this site because you need a solution NOW, click here for a free consultation, or click the links on the menu above and get instant access to my complimentary Breakthrough Programmes as my gift to you. Minutes from now you could be feeling calmer, more centred and ready to take on the world.

Looking for more information on how best to deal with your particular situation? I recommend exploring this site for details on how I work, discover what makes the Integrated Change System™ unique and watch me working with my clients and getting results!

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Wherever you are (globally) or emotionally, this site is designed to support you in achieving freedom from stress, phobia, fear and anxiety.

I look forward to working with you and supporting you.


As featured in BBC Two’s Skies Above Britain